R&D Admissibility

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Is your business eligible for the SR & ED (R&D) tax credit program?

The HLP team can help you identify projects likely to be eligible for the R&D credit program.

Our pre-diagnostic tool allows you to identify if you have completed work that could be eligible.

R&D (SR&ED) Admissibility Tool
Have you developed new products or improved existing products?
Have you developed new processes or improved existing ones?
Have you developed new work tools or improved equipment from a supplier by adapting them to your needs?
Have you developed new materials or improved existing materials?
Do you use the services of engineers, technologists or scientists in your business?
Do you have a testing laboratory, or do you use the services of an outside laboratory?
Do you have a prototype manufacturing workshop?
Have you requested the collaboration of a university, a research center or a consulting engineering firm?
Calculate my R&D potential!